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Stand Firm

Pastor Jim Miller
1 Corinthians 16:13-14


There’s Power in the Blood

Pastor Michael San Soucie
The blood of Jesus is…
1. Redeeming Blood
2. Atoning Blood
3. Cleansing Blood
4. Pleading Blood
5. Covenant Blood
6. Reconciling Blood
7. Sanctifying Blood
8. Spoiling Blood
9. Quickening Blood
10. Victorious Blood


Obstacles to a Total Commitment

Pastor Michael San Soucie
Luke 9
1. The man that was FEARFUL
2. The man who OFFERED EXCUSES
3. The man that was DISTRACTED or DETOURED


One Road to Heaven

Pastor Jim Miller
John 14:6
1. I AM
2. The Way
3. The Life
4. The Way to the Father