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Ephesians ~ You Are Quickened!

Ephesians 2:1-22
1. What were you like before salvation?
2. What happened when you believed?
3. What has followed since you were saved?



Pastor John Osborn ~ worship
Pastor Jim Miller ~ devotion on Psalm 23:4


Being a Godly Man

1 Kings 17
1. A Godly man is a man of CONVICTION
2. A Godly man is a man of COMPASSION
3. A Godly man is a man of CONNECTION
4. A Godly man is man of CERTAINTY

God designed fathers to be:
1. Priest – a godly father prays for his family.
2. Prophet – A godly father instructs his family.
3. Protector – a godly father guards his family.
4. Provider – a godly father contributes to his family.
5. Promoter – a godly father lifts his family.


Love Your Neighbor

James 2:8-13
1. Keeping the Royal Law of Love
2. Breaking the Royal Law
3. Being Judged by the Royal Law


The Father is Waiting

Luke 15:11-23
1. The Road to FREEDOM (a mirage)
2. The Road to RUIN (a sure thing)
3. The Road to RETURN (a wise decision)
4. The Road to RESTORATION (Believe it! Receive it!)


The Holy Spirit Fruit of PATIENCE

Galatians 5:22
1. The definition of patience and long suffering.
2. What patience can do for us.
3. What God intends for us.
4. Where are you right now?


Infinitely More

Ephesians 3:20 NLT
Acts 2:1-21 NLT
#1 – The Holy Spirit Gives Us Power
#2 – The Holy Spirit Gives Us Spiritual Gifts
#3 – How can I experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
1. Be positive
2. God is willing
3. Praise out loud
4. Be ready
5. Speak in faith
6. Keep it up
7. Those who ask God, receive
8. It can happen anytime